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    Welcome to LifeBalance

    Welcome! We are glad you made the choice to work with us. It’s very important to us that you get the results you are looking for in your therapy and that your overall experience is a positive one.

    Current clients can access the client portal to request changes to their appointments, see appointments currently scheduled, update demographic, insurance and payment information or pay an outstanding bill here:

    LifeBalance Client Portal

    Important Things to Remember

    We ask that you pay Services at the time of your visit. We will contact your insurance to help determine what portion of the session fee you will be responsible for. We will also get any necessary authorizations that we can in place. We ask that all clients have completed the credit card authorization form to keep on file. You may use this to cover the cost of your services, copays and deductibles. Signing this form also permits us to charge this card in the event of a missed appointment without giving 48-hour prior notice. The missed appointment cancellation fee is $100 per session. We appreciate you understanding that we are not able to be paid by insurance or other sources when you miss an appointment.

    All clinicians here at the office are independent contractors, they work for themselves, and do not get paid if the office does no get paid, please keep that in mind when you need to cancel or change an appointment.

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    We will supply receipts for all client payments via email. You may request a paper copy at the time of your appointment. We will send superbills for insurance reimbursement for clients using out-of-network benefits upon your clinician completing notes from that specific appointment. Please be aware this may take up to five days.

    If you have any concerns about financial matters related to your therapy, please feel free to discuss them with your therapist and billing manager.

    Therapists are generally available to return phone messages during regular business hours and make every attempt to get back to you by the end of the day. (Each therapist has their own hours please check with your therapist)

    If you have an urgent need to reach your therapist, please leave a message or follow your pre-planned protocol with them. If we are away, we will leave instructions on our voicemail about reaching an on-call therapist if you need to speak with someone in our absence.

    If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment you have several options to choose from:

    You can call our main phone at 603-332-8000, ext. 92, Jessica Wain, Intake & Scheduling Coordinator (Director of Details). She can also update any changes in your insurance information, credit card forms or help with technical concerns in using our systems.

    • You can view and request appointment changes through the patient portal as well. We will also send documents to you here for you to complete.
    • You can also request appointment changes directly from your therapist by email. (See below for email addresses and extensions)
    • If you text the main office line and are an existing client your message will go securely to your clinician (603-332-8000)

    Please keep the office updated if you have any changes in your demographic, insurance or credit card information. You can do this at your next scheduled appointment or directly through our confidential text 603-332-8000 or email [email protected], Jessica Wain is our client care coordinator.

    Administrative staff are usually available Monday through Thursday from 9am – 3 pm to answer questions that arise and help to change appointments if needed. Forms for making changes can also be requested from your therapist.

    If you have someone else who has provided treatment in the past, is currently providing treatment to you or will be part of your treatment team while you are a client with LifeBalance, please ask to complete a Release of Information Form so we can collaborate with them on your care.

    We are happy to collaborate with other providers to give you the best and most consistent care possible.

    Please note: We are not able to talk with anyone about your appointment without your prior written consent.

    What Do I Need to Know About Insurance?
    What is a deductible? This is the amount you must pay before your insurance will start to pay you back for your care. Deductibles can range from $0.00 to $20,000.

    What is the allowed amount?
    This is the price set by your insurance policy for the healthcare services you received. What is co‐insurance? This is the percentage of the allowed amount that you are responsible for paying once you have met your deductible. Co-insurance typically ranges from 20% to 50%.

    While clinicians are providers with various insurance panels, as noted previously, we can also provide support in getting reimbursement from insurance when not in-network. We also encourage you to investigate all of your options regarding the use of insurance to make informed decisions regarding your health care.

    Please contact the office if you need to make any changes, we are happy to help make your experience as stress-free as possible.

    Client Portal

    If you haven’t finished your paperwork and need to get back to it, you can click the link below for the client portal

    Click Here for the Client Portal

    Client Policies And Procedures At LifeBalance Counseling

    Each title below will click through to a policy or practice at this office when you are a client here. Please reach out to the office or your therapist if you have any questions or concerns.

    Practices Regarding Your Protected Health Information (PHI): This notice describes how medical and psychological information about you may be used or disclosed and how you can get access to this information. Please review it carefully.

    Notice to Clients and Consent for Treatment: The Board of Mental Health Practice regulations, including the Mental Health BIll of Rights, requires all licensed mental health professionals to provide clients certain basic information. To avoid confusion or misunderstandings, your licensed clinicians provide the following information about their practice for your review and agreement. Please read the information carefully and discuss and questions you have before signing below.

    Social Media Policies: This document outlines our office policies related to use of Social Media. Please read it to understand how we conduct ourselves on the Internet as mental health professionals and how you can expect us to respond to various interactions that may occur between us on the Internet.

    Patient Portal Usage: This practice offers secure viewing and communication as a service to patients who wish to view and communicate with this office.

    Mental Health Bill of Rights