• Jessica M Pinkham, LICSW

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    As the founder and owner of LifeBalance, it is my mission to maintain a company where we believe in creating lasting change to restore balance in the everyday lives of our providers, staff and clients. We work together to equip clients with tools needed to face and overcome life challenges. We have one of the most diverse group of provider specializations for mental in the state of NH under one roof.  At LifeBalance we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live their  best life and we give clients the tools and supports to live a life in balance. We pride ourselves on our investment in our clinicians, and staff at our office so the care they give can be the highest quality. We take care of everyone who works at the office at the same level as the clients who attend services there so they can show up for the client the best version of themselves possible.

    With 17 years practicing as a psychotherapist, my passion lies in treatment of women. I bring expertise in anxiety, depression, overwhelm and the unique challenges of all stages of life. I am certified as a Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider and offer opportunities for any clients attending services at LifeBalance to get a nutritional assessment and support around nutritional alternatives for managing mental health needs. 

    I am not currently accepting new clients. However, I do work with clients at LifeBalance to evaluate and identify nutritional needs and supplements to support their mental wellness via telehealth or in  person at our Rochester location with limited hours.