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  • Meredith (Hamel) Blom, MLADC, CMHC

    Offering Hope …

    I offer hope, education and trauma informed treatment for people in all phases of decision making around substance use or other problematic behaviors. Psychoeducation and support on reducing anxiety, depression and stress, while building confidence and balance. Services include: substance recovery groups; anger management group; resiliency group & Individual sessions for adults, couples, families and teens.

    I am an IDSP Provider for DWI aftercare; work with the court/probation system.

    I provide a warm and non-judgmental place for teens and adults to explore their relationship with substances and mental health issues. I have expertise in self-help modalities: Three P’s; 12- steps; SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, etc. as well as other models for self change. Medication Assisted Treatment welcome! (Suboxone, Methadone etc.)
    Do you want to learn new ways to cope with stress? Are you looking for guidance and support for a friend or family member’s addiction? Do you wish you had a better way to feel and express emotions? Do you question how to live life without relying on avoiding? Do you wonder what life may be like if change could happen? I am here 🙂