• About Life Balance

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    Our Philosophy

    LifeBalance Counseling provides psychotherapy to adults. Our services are offered in person in Hampstead and Rochester, NH or via Telehealth video messaging (restrictions apply based on states therapists are licensed in and where clients are at the time of services).

    We are supporting clients to change their lives for the better. We provide compassionate, accessible, affordable psychotherapy services. All clinicians here are eclectically trained and practicing with a holistic philosophy. Count on us to provide you with the highest quality care tailored to your specific needs and goals.

    We accept many insurances, please feel free to check with the office to see if your care at LifeBalance is covered.

    We have a thorough intake process that enables us to match all clients with a therapist to best meet their needs.  Each client will have an individually tailored treatment plan based on their individual goals and needs.

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    Our Care

    • Assumes that we all have the innate capacity for change and healing
    • Regards each client, not their condition, as the center of focus
    • Understands the impact of a person’s circumstances and history in their experience of life
    • Integrates multiple approaches to the process of psychotherapy
    • Seeks to address the root of a difficulty, not only its symptoms
    • Regards the mind, body and spirit as equally important in the cultivation of well-being
    • Encourages compassionate, mindful awareness of one’s whole experience
    • Fosters reflection, contemplation and a gradual opening to one’s deeper experience
    • Facilitates exploration of life as an opportunity for development and learning
    • Emphasizes the importance of safety for optimal healing
    • Offers a powerful and direct way to become aware of one’s choices

    Meet our team

    Dedication to Integrity

    As a client of LifeBalance, you can expect us to:

    Treat you in a respectful, thoughtful, and ethical manner, holding your welfare as our highest imperative. Listen to you attentively and communicate with you honestly, seeking to understand you, your life and world from your own perspective. Provide guidance, insight, and reflections responsive to your needs and goals
    Respect your right to direct and govern your treatment and help you recognize and draw upon your natural capacities and strengths. Encourage you to seek alternative or adjunctive supports
    Encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings with us, including the process of therapy and how it affects you and whether you are receiving what you want and need. Regard you as a whole and complex person with many qualities and attributes beyond the difficulties you may be experiencing