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    Looking to start services? Click Here:  Initial Screening for Possible Services ( 

    If you feel that you would like to collaborate your session with another provider, simply fill out the following form.


    Mental Health Release of Information: you can download this form here in the link below or ask for it to be sent to you by your therapist to electronically complete in the client portal.  IMPORTANT: when you have completed your form you need to email or fax this to your provider at the office.

    Release of Information Form – Mental Health



    We maintain a file for each client. If you want communication with another medical provider you see or a copy of your records, please request and complete a PHI release with your clinician. As a client, you are entitled to a copy of your records for a fee that covers copying and administrative costs. If you wish to see a copy of your treatment records we recommend you review them with us so that we may discuss the contents.