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    Jessica Wain, Client Care Director

    Jessica Wain is our Client Care Director.  Jessica has been with LifeBalance since the beginning.  She is an integral part of the office operations, without Jessica LifeBalance would not run as smoothly as it does.

    She is here to help you as a client get started in services and navigate all that we do here.

    Riley Brooks, Client Care Specialist

    Riley started here at LifeBalance as an intern in 2021 and has grown along with the practice.  She is in the office and on the phone several days a week as a support to clients while getting started in care and getting checked in for their appointments in the Rochester, NH office.

    Arielle Teabout

    Arielle is a VA through My Solution Services who will be managing intake screening calls. 

    Direct Contacts

    General Questions press 1# at the voice prompt

    Billing Questions ext 92#

    Tara Bianchi, LICSW [email protected] or ext 24#

    Meredith (Hamel) Blom, MLADC, CMHC [email protected] or ext 25#

    Bonnie Boisclair LICSW [email protected] or ext 74#

    Stacy Carpenter LICSW, MLADC [email protected] or ext 22#

    Susan Hamann LMFT [email protected] or ext 42#

    Leslie Henderson Pasquini [email protected] or ext 43#

    Alyshia Kelleher, LCMHC [email protected] or ext 53#

    Brett Payeur, LADC, LICSW [email protected] or ext 72#

    Jessica Pinkham LICSW [email protected] or ext 51#

    Kaleigh Santa Clara, LICSW [email protected]  or ext #73

    Carina Sherman LICSW   [email protected]   or ext 75#

    Wendy Spalinger LICSW  [email protected] or ext 70#


    Jody Vourgarakis LICSW [email protected] or ext 86#

    Carin Whelehan LCHMC [email protected] or ext 94#

    Intake Jessica Wain [email protected] or ext 92#

    Intake Riley Brooks [email protected] or ext 27#